Courtown Sailing Club

Courtown Sailing Club is a small friendly, family run club in Courtown Harbour.

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Please use the contact's link to see all committee members


All committee members can be contacted via their link on the contacts page


086 8066594


Postal address:

Courtown Sailing Club
South Beach
Courtown, Wexford
Y25 X9D0

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If you are lucky enough to have someone that will put a lifejacket on you shortly after birth, you can sail the high seas.  You will see young children sail with their families on the cruisers in Courtown.

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Download the ‘New membership’ form, fill it in and get a proposer and seconder. Or Apply online.

Contact a member of the committee from the contact us page.This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  You may be pleasantly surprised how many people are members that you didn’t realise were in Courtown Sailing Club.

The moorings are currently full. To get your name on the waiting list please apply in writing to:

Moorings Officer
Courtown Sailing Club
Co Wexford.
Or apply online
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You can get involved in Cruiser sailing in a number of ways.

Check out the crew section of the website.
Come to the steps at 1 o'clock most Saturdays.
Come to the steps at 6.30 pm on Thursdays.

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For cruiser sailing you need:

Life jacket/buoyancy aid
Warm clothes
Appropriate wet gear
Non-marking soles on your shoes


You no longer need an echo cert to participate in cruiser racing in CSC.  Echo certs are required if participating in racing in other clubs.

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You do need sail numbers for both cruisers and dinghies. If you don't have a sail number please apply to the ISA.

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If you intend to participate in dinghy activities you must pay dinghy fees.

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You can enrol in a summer dinghy course at 9 years of age. On Wednesday in fun sailing you can go in a dinghy with a friend or family. You can go as a guest even if you are not a member. You must fill out a guest form.

Always wear your buoyancy aid.

You need a wet suit - a long one will keep you warm; underneath wear a rash vest; all should fit you neatly; sailing boots, sailing socks will keep you warm; a cag will reduce the effect of the wind. Never forget your buoyancy aid.

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A change of clothes; always bring something warm - if you capsize in the water it can be cold; you will need a fleece and track suit bottoms even on a fine day. Sun protection is necessary even when it is not sunny; the wind out on the water can be harsher than you realise.

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You will come ashore for lunch unless there is a day sail. Then you will be told beforehand. It is important that you are well hydrated, so plenty of fluids.

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The more commonly used dinghies are Topaz, Topper, and Laser

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If you can sail off Courtown beach you can sail anywhere; the dinghies are launched and recovered off the beach. It takes time especially if conditions are unfavourable; thats where help is needed; during the course  the instructors and other sailors will help but on Sunday and Wednesday parents are needed on the beach; as they see a sailor coming towards the shore they read the sail number and get the launching trolley for you. Your Mum or Dad will be there to greet you with your trolley.

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For a small fee you can store your dinghy in the boatyard. You will be allocated a space.

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Most sailors take them home with them but if you wish, for a fee you can leave it in the boatyard during the winter season.