Courtown Sailing Club

Yes security in the boatyard is very high; we have CCTV inside electric gates which are opened by individual codes.

You will be with a group of sailors that are your own age and ability; there will be lots of fun both during the course, on the water and during the other activities.

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Courtown Sailing Club is a registered sailing school with the ISA under the small boat scheme, and also for powerboat and safety boat courses.


You can do both but you will need to book these and you need to be 14 to do the first part of the powerboat course and 16 to do the second part of the powerboat course. You will need to have experience with a powerboat before you can do the safety boat course.

Usually they are expensive but in Courtown Sailing Club we keep our prices as low as possible. Under the regulations of the ISA a senior powerboat instructor in a powerboat school can give the course and the ratio is 1 to 3.


Mum and Dad can do dinghy training on Friday evenings. They can book a group class or a private class.


It will probably happen very quickly when they get into the dinghy; you hold on to the mobile phone for them.


They may even win a prize.

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With the help of our instructors you will but if not you can do it again; the more time you spend on the water having fun and practicing the easier you will find it.

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All the instructors are fully qualified according to the standards of the ISA.

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The course is run by the Dinghy Officer/Junior Coordinator, with a Senior Instructor in charge of the actual running of the course.

All the instructors wear a high vis vest and have instructor written on it. Your instructor will know you even when you are on the water; they will watch your boat as you sail and will come quickly over to your assistance if they see you have a problem. If you capsize they will jump into the water if necessary and rescue you.

The instructor will tow your dinghy back to the shore where the beach parent on duty will look after you.

We have a Garda vetting Officer in the club that ensures that all adults working with children have followed the Garda vetting regulations.

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Courtown Sailing Club have a child liaison officer in the club and her number will be made available to all members.