If you intend to participate in dinghy activities you must pay dinghy fees.

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You can enrol in a summer dinghy course at 9 years of age. On Wednesday in fun sailing you can go in a dinghy with a friend or family. You can go as a guest even if you are not a member. You must fill out a guest form.

Always wear your buoyancy aid.

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For a small fee you can store your dinghy in the boatyard. You will be allocated a space.

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Most sailors take them home with them but if you wish, for a fee you can leave it in the boatyard during the winter season.

Yes security in the boatyard is very high; we have CCTV inside electric gates which are opened by individual codes.


Mum and Dad can do dinghy training on Friday evenings. They can book a group class or a private class.


It will probably happen very quickly when they get into the dinghy; you hold on to the mobile phone for them.

The course is run by the Dinghy Officer/Junior Coordinator, with a Senior Instructor in charge of the actual running of the course.

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The instructor will tow your dinghy back to the shore where the beach parent on duty will look after you.

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