Start Sailing

Start Sailing

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Objective By the end of this course you will be sailing in light wind conditions with assistance 
from your instructor.
Previous knowledge / experience  You should be able to demonstrate the skills and knowledge included in Taste of 
Types of Boat  This course may be completed in any type of sailing dinghy, small keel boat or catamaran. Your certificate will show what type of boat you used. 
Duration 2 - 10 days 
Assessment Assessment.
  By the end of this course you will be able to do the following:
Clothing & equipment  Describe what sort of clothing you might wear when afloat.
Identify the following:
  • the different types of Personal Flotation Device (PFD) you might use when sailing
  • which PFD is most appropriate for you to use
  • when you should wear your PFD

Put on and adjust your own PFD.

Rigging Position your boat head to wind.
Identify the main parts of the boat, rigging & sails.
Assist with rigging your boat.
Position your boat head to wind.
Identify the main parts of the boat, rigging & sails.
Assist with rigging your boat.
Ropework Tie the following knots and describe when to use them:
A figure of eight knot
A round turn and two half hitches
Secure a rope using common types of cleat.
Coil a rope and to throw one end of a rope. 
Keelboat sailors will be able to use a sheet winch 
Launch & recovery Dinghy and catamaran sailors will be able to do the following:
Secure a boat on a trolley and safely move it around while on shore.
With assistance,
Launch your boat and sail away from shore
Sail back to shore and recover your boat
Keelboat sailors will be able to secure their boat alongside and to a mooring.
Sailing techniques & manoeuvres Paddle or row a boat in a straight line.
As both helm and as crew, with assistance,
Reach across the wind
Sail up wind
Sail down wind
Tack the boat
Gybe the boat
Get the boat out of irons
Stop the boat
Capsize recovery Identify why it is important to stay with a capsized or inverted boat.
Sailing knowledge Describe the different points of sailing.
Take the correct action when boats on different tacks meet.
Describe how tides and currents can affect a sailor.
Identify when sailors are required to wear PFDs by law.
Identify and use common sailing terms.
Coastal Knowledge Describe how often high and low tides occur and the implications these might have 
on sailors.

Describe the implications of the following to a sailor:

Onshore and offshore winds
High winds
No wind

Safety Describe why and how you would leave details on what you are doing with a responsible person ashore.
Describe how to summon assistance if you need it when on the water.
Summon assistance for someone else who needs it.
What next… Describe how to continue your sailing and develop your sailing skills and 

Course Information

Course Date 15-07-2024 10:00 am
Individual Price €335.00
Location Courtown Sailing Club

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