CSC Midweek 2022

Version 3.3


  1. Rules

The Racing will be governed by the racing rules of sailing 2021 - 2024 (RRS), the prescriptions of the ISA and by these sailing instructions.


  1. Entries

Eligible boats may be entered by completing registration with the organizing authority, namely Courtown Sailing Club.


  1. Notice to Competitors

There will be no posted notice to competitors for midweek racing. All information pertaining to the race will be transmitted to the fleet by VHF radio communication no less than 6 minutes prior to the start of the race.


  1. Changes in Sailing Instructions

Any changes to the sailing instructions will be transmitted to the fleet by VHF radio communication (CHANNEL 8) no less than 6 minutes prior to the start of the race.


  1. Schedule of Races

Races are scheduled as per the club calendar. If a postponed or abandoned race is to be re-sailed it will be at the Cruiser Officers discression depending on available slots and weather.


  1. Class Flags

Class 1: Numeral Pennant 1 Class 11: Numeral Pennant 2


  1. The Course

The course to be sailed will set by the OOD and will be a course around the CSC race marks in accordance with section 8 below.


  1. Marks

Marks A, X, B, D, E, Y, S are Flag Marks. Mark Z is the Yellow special mark are positioned approximately as shown on course chart in the racing manual. An inner limit mark may be set for safety reasons.  Any other marks will be described in the race notice.


  1. The Start / The Finish

9.1 Races will be started using rule 26 or by VHF radio communication.

9.2 The start line will be between the OOD position and Mark S unless the OOD specifies a different start line.

9.3 The finish line shall be between the OOD position and the Mark S unless the OOD specifies a different finish line.

Also See 15.1


  1. Recalls

10.1 Will be made on good faith or at the discression of the OOD and communicated by the OOD on Ch 8. This alters rule 29.2.


  1. Shortening of Course

When a course is to be shortened, the OOD shall notify the fleet by VHF radio, in advance of the lead boat approaching the new finish,


  1. Time Limit

12.1 For mid-week “Round the Cans” races, the time limit will be 2 hours. Boats failing to finish 30 minutes after the second boat in her class finishes or within the time limit, whichever is later, will score “Did Not Finish”. This changes rule 35.

12.2 A boat has 20 mins from its start time to cross the start line. If it fails to do so it will be counted as "Did Not Start".


  1. Protests

13.1 Protests shall be made in accordance with the procedure as laid down in the racing rules of sailing 2021 - 2024 and delivered to the OOD within 30 minutes of the last boat’s recorded finish. Protests will be heard as soon as possible.

13.2 Protests may only be submitted by the racing skipper.

13.3 All protests must be heard by a protest committee of at least, but not limited to three judges, designated by the Cruiser Officer and acceptable to all principal parties.


  1. Handicaps, Results and Scoring

14.1 Results for all races will be computed using the club handicap system with a 10% upper and lower limit per race.

14.2 Handicaps will be reviewed after every four races.

14.3 Races are scheduled for leagues 3 and 4 of which at least three shall be completed to constitute a series. There will be 1 discard for every four races sailed in leagues 3 and 4.

14.4 During the Covid-19 Return to Sailing Scheme, crew logs must be recorded for Contract Tracing. It is the responsibility of the Skipper to maintain these logs which must be made available to any relevant person should the need arise.


  1. Radio Communication

15.1 A boat is required to inform the OOD by VHF radio as it approches, and as it crosses the finish line. Other than that a boat should not make radio transmissions after the warning signal, unless they are specifically about matters of safety.


  1. Safety

16.1 Lifejackets or other personal buoyancy clothing must be worn by all competitors while racing.

16.2 It is recommended that all boats shall comply with the 2001 ISA Yacht Safety Equipment requirements for category A.


** 17.  Skippers and Crew

17.1 Competitors that sail more than 5 races on one or multiple boats must be registered club members. While there is currently no sanction for an infringmint of this rule you are requested to read the explanitary note attached.

17.2 Nominated Skippers must be on board for 80% of races competed in. Exceptions may be made due to illness, injury etc at the Race Committees discresion.


  1. Race Entry

All must fill in a race entry form.

18.1 Single race entry filled in and returned to OOD a minimum of 1hour 15minutes before the race start time.

18.2 Season race entry form must be completed and emailed in to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view with the fee paid 3 days before your first race.


  1. Prizes

Perpetual Trophies will be presented at the annual CSC prize giving. All trophies are to be stored in the CSC trophy cabinet. 

Trophies can only be won by CSC registered boats..


** Note..

Rule 17

It is important that participants in our club activities are signed up members. This ensures the viability and continuance of access to low cost sailing , something Courtown Sailing Club has always valued as one of its primary aims. While the cost of running the club is not directly related to the number of members , The number of members does impact directly on the finances available to the club , and has a bearing on membership fees ,mooring fees etc.

However the Committee does take into account that some people would want to "come and try it" before making a committment to join the club and after some discussion it is felt that after five races a participant would know  if its for them and hopefully continue as full members.

As "Guest participants" are deemed to do so by invation of a Skipper , They remain the responsibility of that Skipper for the duration of that event. is the official web address for Courtown Sailing Club.

Contact number for Courtown Sailing Club is 089 4941404.