Cruiser Declaration

I / We declare that the boat(s) is / are covered, and will be covered, and will remain covered, by third party liability insurance for any one accident or a series of accidents arising from any one occurrence for an amount not less than €1,250,000 for the duration of this season and any further duration which the boat(s) is stored in Courtown Sailing Club boat park.
I / We hereby indemnify the Club, its servants or agents against any loss or damage arising from the use of Club Moorings, Boat Park or Storage Space, and Crane or Members’ facilities which shall be at my / our own personal risk.
I / We confirm the boat(s) detailed is / are my / our property and accept that while availing of Club facilities I / we shall be responsible for the management and control of the vessel and the conduct of its crew.
I / We confirm we have read, understand and accept the terms and conditions attaching to this application. I exonerate Courtown Sailing Club, any of its officers, members, or representatives from all claims that might arise in relation to my / our boat(s) or its (their) equipment. is the official web address for Courtown Sailing Club.

Contact number for Courtown Sailing Club is 089 4941404.