2024 Dinghy Calendar

  • Dinghy sailors should not put to sea whilst engaged in Club activities unless a rescue boat is on station.
  • Dinghy sailors should be aware of the hazardous conditions created whilst leaving/returning to the beach if there is surf. If in doubt, don't go out.
  • Be aware of the dangers associated with pulling launching trolleys across soft sand. Ensure there are sufficient people on hand to help, before attempting to pull the boat up the beach.
  • In the case of single handers; outhauls should not be attached, for double handers the mainsail should not be hoisted - until the boat is at the water’s edge.

Safety Equipment

  • Cruisers should carry safety equipment as recommended by the ISA, on their yacht safety equipment checklist, (see page 20)
  • Dinghies should carry as a minimum a towing line of at least 3 metres length, alternative means of propulsion and where appropriate a bailer.

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