● I will not pass my space on to other people in the event of temporary absence and accept any such redistribution organised by the Committee.
● If I am removing my dinghy for a lengthy period of time I will inform the Committee of the away dates.
● I will always provide a nominated adult for my child/children (under 16) taking part in the dinghy sailing on Sundays and Wednesdays for the duration of the sailing.
● I will either remain in the Boat Park or on the beach when dinghy sailing is taking place. I will help children under 16 in recovering and launching dinghies and also assist appropriately should an accident occur or another child need attention.
● In keeping with the Club’s safety policy I will sign out and back in when taking part in any form of Club sailing. (In the case of sailors under18, parents/guardians must observe this responsibility.)
● I will come appropriately dressed to wade in to help recover dinghies and assist other children or to help in the Boat Park with cold children.
● My child will always be appropriately dressed and with correct equipment for sailing.
● I will provide sun protection and personally ensure the use of it for myself and/or my child.
● I will ensure an adequate hydration for the dinghy participant.
● I will ensure punctual attendance by the dinghy participant for briefing and debriefing.
● I am aware that the last remaining three children left on any dinghy sailing day will have to remain until the parents/guardians/lift arrives for all three of the children.
● I will ensure attendance by adult dinghy participant (parent/guardian for under 18 year olds) at any information meeting held by CSC.
● If I fail in the above I understand my child will not be allowed sail.
● I am aware the above conforms to current child protection policies.
● I/(my children)will observe the rules of racing.

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Contact number for Courtown Sailing Club is 089 4941404.