Person in Charge. One person shall be designated in charge of this operation, and must stay on site until the operation is complete or suspend operations until he/she returns.


Area of Operation

  • The area of operation includes the harbour area, and shore/road within a 30 metre radius of the pivot of the crane.
  • The person in charge will delegate someone to ensure members of the public are kept clear of the area of operation.
  • No maintenance work should be carried out on boats within the area of operation.


Danger Area

  • The Danger area shall comprise the area under the crane's arc, and will be marked accordingly.
  • Only those authorised by the 'Person in Charge' may enter the danger area.



  • Trailers should not be brought to the area of operation until such time as advised by the person in charge.
  • Trailers should be removed from the area of operation as soon as is practical after lift in/out has taken place.

Mooring request:

All moorings at Courtown Sailing Club are currently full and there is a waiting list. There is no time frame as to when a mooring may become available as moorings are allocated to the next boat on the list of suitable size for the mooring becoming free. i.e. Length, beam, draft, displacement etc.
However we expect to have some space this year and we can put you on our list.
Mooring's are allocated on a yearly basis (April to September).

( Example cost ) In addition to club membership cost's
  • Once Off Mooring Levy : €150
  • Mooring Fee: €8.00 per foot
  • Annual Mooring Fee €65.00

  • To put you on the waiting list please complete the following:
    1000 characters left is the official web address for Courtown Sailing Club.

    Contact number for Courtown Sailing Club is 089 4941404.