Postal address:

089 4941404


South Beach, Courtown,
Wexford, Ireland, Y25 X9D0


Courtown Harbour is a small harbour situated on the south east coast of Ireland approx. 15 nautical miles south of Arklow.

Courtown is in a strategic position in relation to visiting cruisers from the UK and at times has received some French boats. Even though we are only a very small harbour, we have never found it necessary to turn away visiting boats, unless we had problems at the mouth of the harbour.


Entering the Harbour

The maximum draft is approx. 5 feet (1.5 metres), but can vary during the season. If you are in any doubt, wait until high tide. It is also advisable to take the approach to the channel slowly as periodically a bar forms outside the harbour entrance.


Visitors are always welcome and the club has one visitor mooring available. Club moorings we use are described as 'fore and aft' moorings consisting of a single bow dropper identified by a white buoy linked by a sinking line to a pair of stern droppers identified by a yellow buoy. To pick up a mooring, take hold of the yellow buoy first, then follow the sinking line forward to recover the white buoy and bow line. This mooring can accommodate vessels up to 30 feet in length.

Alternatively, visitors can tie up alongside the eastern wall of the harbour.


Our Clubhouse is located on the South Beach at Courtown and visiting boats that wish to use the shower facilities should ring the club phone - 089 4941404.

Should your visit include a Saturday, it is quite likely that you will find members of the Club sampling some of the Taravie's pints, so do come in and join us! is the official web address for Courtown Sailing Club.

Contact number for Courtown Sailing Club is 089 4941404.