All boats and gear are stored at the owner’s risk and the Club accepts no liability/responsibility for loss or damage

Mooring Agreement, April - October

Successful applicants must agree to the following conditions:

● to moor in the position allocated.
● to use the mooring lines provided by the Club and not to use any other lines, floating lines, chains, wires or private anchors – except as may prove necessary in an emergency.
● to indemnify ‘Courtown Sailing Club’ against all claims, expenses, actions, demands and proceedings in respect of any loss, accident or damage to any person, property or thing of any nature whatsoever arising from the mooring of my boat in the position allocated to me by the Club.
● in the interest of safety the club reserves the right to move any vessel and/or gear at its discretion. Boats moved are left entirely at owner’s risk and the club accepts no responsibility for any damage caused.
● to have my vessel insured with adequate Third Party Liability Insurance and against any risk including civil responsibility for the duration of this season to cover damage which may be caused by my boat to any other craft or persons.
● not to use my engine at full throttle within the harbour.
● to use at least three fenders on each side of my boat.
● to adequately pad or cover the propeller and skeg of my outboard when tilted.
● not to pollute the harbour in any way and to abide by all local by laws.
● not to transfer, exchange or loan my mooring or to allow other boats to lie alongside overnight.
● that the committee reserves the right to sub-let any allocated mooring which has not been occupied by the 16th June and thereafter the mooring in question can only be re-acquired if notice is given in writing to the Club secretary seven days in advance.


There is a waiting list for moorings.
Please contact the Moorings Officer, in writing if you want to put your name on the list and before you buy a boat or before you upgrade your boat.


Mooring request:

All moorings at Courtown Sailing Club are currently full and there is a waiting list. There is no time frame as to when a mooring may become available as moorings are allocated to the next boat on the list of suitable size for the mooring becoming free. i.e. Length, beam, draft, displacement etc.
However we expect to have some space this year and we can put you on our list.
Mooring's are allocated on a yearly basis (April to September).

( Example cost ) In addition to club membership cost's
  • Once Off Mooring Levy : €150
  • Mooring Fee: €8.00 per foot
  • Annual Mooring Fee €65.00

  • To put you on the waiting list please complete the following:
    1000 characters left is the official web address for Courtown Sailing Club.

    Contact number for Courtown Sailing Club is 089 4941404.